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Published on January 15th, 2013 | by Kimmy


Fix Old Laptop or Get a Tablet

I’m baaaaaaack! Oh Lord, how happy am I to be back! A little over two weeks ago my laptop took a dive. The hard drive died and my computer was unable to boot. I cringed at the thought of having to purchase a new one because as most of you know, I am flippin broke! So I was left with the predicament of purchasing a new laptop, fixing my old one, or doing what I really wanted to do which was to buy a tablet.
I started looking at the cost of each thing and evaluating what it would take to get me to the place I needed to be. I knew whatever I chose needed to happen right away because without anything I would be disconnected from the internet and ultimately my website.
In order to get a new laptop I knew it would cost me anywhere from $700 to $2500 for what I really wanted. Well, lets face it, If I was going to take the plunge then I better get what I really wanted from the device that would keep me connected to those that I work for and those that I love. I knew that fixing my old laptop, that is over 4 years old, would cost me around $300 to start and I wasn’t even sure if it would work. I was kind of shooting in the dark as to what was wrong with my old trusty dusty xps. Now, if I was going to shoot for what I really wanted, a tablet, I knew I couldn’t just get any old touchscreen, I needed the mother load. I knew the specks I needed to run the tablet as a PC so I started my quest on my search engines with the RAM, processor, platform, size, if it had a keyboard that could be attached, and the size of the hard drive.
My search landed me on a brand that I had never really considered, Asus. This company mainly made motherboards until a few years ago. I found the exact model I wanted, the transformer prime. The only problem was that it was going to cost me about $800 for all the bells and whistles. I knew enough about my bank account and credit that I certainly couldn’t afford to go all in at once.
After talking my dilemma over with a few friends I knew that the best decision was to purchase the tablet and go from there. I had one friend offer to loan me the money but I just couldn’t do it. I mean it was so nice of him to offer but my conscience would never let me live it down. I sat down and started again from square one and decided to go back to the option of fixing my old laptop. I started my new search for a new hard drive but couldn’t get my mind off the option of having something new that I knew for a fact would work. I said a prayer then I decided to make one last try at searching on woodlands online, an online classified section where the wealthy people in my area sold their used and never played with toys when they were no longer interested in them.
When I looked at the classified tablet area I found a few that were interesting but not what I really wanted or needed. I thought my decision was clear until lo and behold someone had placed their ad in the wrong area. There it was transformer prime in the household electronics section (where most people had posted their used kitchen electronics) and a phone number.
I called the number and left a message and by the time I went back to the rest of the online classifieds I received a call back. I spoke with the man on the phone and he obviously didn’t know what he had. He said he wanted $350 for the tablet and the keyboard. My jaw dropped and I think I said something like um okay. Next I asked some questions about the hard drive capacity and things of that nature and the man on the phone said I was basically speaking greek to him. He stated “I bought it for my son for Christmas but he wanted an iPad instead so it’s just been sitting in the box since then. I told him what I did for a living and he told me that he recently wrote a book and started a website for the first time in his life so he knew how important it was to have a working device.
The next thing out of his mouth was “if you pay cash I am willing to go as low as $200”. I stated “sir you have yourself a deal”! He gave me his address and said you are welcome to come get it tonight if you want. I didn’t have to think twice. I ran to the bank then to his whopping mansion and the deal was done. Since then I have been downloading the proper apps and installing my software and I am so happy that I double checked woodlands online before deciding to upgrade my computer. It has been the bet $200 I have ever spent. I love my new tablet and I am ecstatic that I am back to business.
So, from now on I will be posting baller style from my new tablet.
All my love,




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